White Women, Black Men: Interracial Romance in the Movies

This is a user-contributed, ever-expanding list of theatrical and made-for-TV movies that feature romantic relationships between white women and black men.

Some of the relationships depicted aren’t entirely romantic, however. Some are just based more on sex than love, so we’ve been careful to point out those cases in the notes section below. In addition, we’ve tried to make a note of any themes that some may find offensive, such as racial violence, misogyny, and so forth, even if a given film may have great artistic or socio-political value.

Prior to the 1960s, it was very common for light-skinned black characters to be portrayed by white actors (especially when paired romantically or sexually with a white character), so where applicable, you’ll find information on that in the notes column as well.

The number in the asterisk (*) column indicates who wrote in to add the film (contributors are at the bottom of this page). Our thanks to them all!

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For a list of movies featuring black women with white men, click here.

100 Rifles 1969 Raquel Welch Jim Brown 1
2 Days in New York 2012 Julie Delpy Chris Rock 28
8 Mile 2002 Brittany Murphy ? 19
Affair, the 1995 Kerry Fox Courtney B. Vance Made for HBO 1
Against the Ropes 2004 Meg Ryan Omar Epps 13
Alien Avengers 1996 Anastasia Sakelaris Christopher M. Brown Made for TV (Showtime) 6
All the Rage 1999 Anna Paquin Andre Braugher Cable title is usually It’s the Rage 1
À la place du cœur 1998 Laure Raoust Alexandre Ogou 1
Ambushed 1998 Virginia Madsen Courtney B. Vance 1
Annie 2014 Rose Byrne Jamie Foxx 28
Annihilation of Fish, the 1999 Lynn Redgrave James Earl Jones 6
A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries 1998 Dominique Blanc Isaach De Bankolé 1
Bad Company 1995 Ellen Barkin Laurence Fishburne 1
Basquiat 1996 Claire Forlani Jeffrey Wright 13
Bird 1988 Diane Venora Forest Whitaker 1
Black and White 1999 Claudia Schiffer Allan Houston 6
Black Knight 2001 Jeannette Weegar Martin Lawrence 2
Blazing Saddles 1974 Madeline Kahn Cleavon Little 6
Bone Collector, the 1999 Angelina Jolie Denzel Washington 2
Bones 2001 Lynda Boyd Clifton Powell 1
Boogie Nights 1997 Melora Walters Don Cheadle 1,12
Breakin’ All the Rules 2004 Jennifer Esposito Morris Chestnut 1
Brooklyn Babylon 2000 Karen Goberman Tariq Trotter 6
Brothers, the 2001 Julie Benz Bill Bellamy 5
Candyman 1992 Virginia Madsen Tony Todd 6
Captive Heart: The James Mink Story 1996 Kate Nelligan Louis Gossett, Jr. True story; made for TV (CBS) 1
Caveman’s Valentine, the 2001 Ann Magnuson Samuel L. Jackson 6
Clover 1997 Elizabeth McGovern Ernie Hudson Made for TV (USA Network) 6
Color of Love 2000 Gena Rowlands Louis Gossett, Jr. Made for TV (CBS) 1
Colour Blind 1998 Niamh Cusack Tony Armatrading Made for TV (Channel 4, England) 1
Country of My Skull 2003 Juliette Binoche Samuel L. Jackson 1
Crime and Punishment in Suburbia 2000 Ellen Barkin Jeffrey Wright 1
Cruel Intentions 1999 Selma Blair/Sarah Michelle Gellar Sean Patrick Thomas 2
Crying Game, the 1992 Miranda Richardson Forest Whitaker 5
Dangerous Ground 1997 Elizabeth Hurley Eric Miyeni 6
Day After Tomorrow, the 2004 ? Adrian Lester 1
Day in Black and White, a 1999 ? Harold Perrineau, Jr. 1
Daybreak 1993 Moira Kelly Cuba Gooding, Jr. Made for TV (HBO) 6
Dead Air 1994 Laura Harringnton Gregory Hines Made for TV (Showtime) 11
Diary of a Hitman 1991 Lois Chiles Forest Whitaker 1
Dirty Pretty Things 2002 Audrey Tautou Chiwetel Ejiofor 8
Driving Miss Daisy 1989 Jessica Tandy Morgan Freeman 1
Drop Zone 1984 Yancy Butler Wesley Snipes 5
Dumbarton Bridge 1999 Daphne Ashbrook Tom Wright 16
Far From Heaven 2002 Julianne Moore Dennis Haysbert 1
Fare to Remember, a 1998 Challen Cates Malcolm-Jamal Warner 6
Feast of Love 2007 Jane Alexander Morgan Freeman 21
Fight For Jenny, a 1986 Lesley Ann Warren Philip Michael Thomas True story; made for TV (NBC) 1
Final Comedown 1972 Celia Kaye Billy Dee Williams 11
Finding Forrester 2000 Anna Paquin Rob Brown 5
Freeway 1996 Reese Witherspoon Bokeem Woodbine 1
Full Frontal 2002 Julia Roberts/Catherine Keener Blair Underwood 6,1
Gas-s-s-s 1971 Cindy Williams Ben Vereen 1
Getting Played 2005 Carmen Electra Bill Bellamy 1
Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff 1979 Anne Heywood John Lafayette 6
Gordon’s War 1973 Jackie Page Tony King 11
Great White Hope, the 1970 Jane Alexander James Earl Jones 1
Greta 2008 Hilary Duff Evan Ross 22
Guardian 2000 Karina Lombard Mario Van Peebles 1
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 1967 Katharine Houghton Sidney Poitier 4
Gun 2010 AnnaLynne McCord Curtis (“50 Cent”) Jackson 28
Hancock 2008 Charlize Theron Will Smith 1
Harlem Nights 1989 Jane Alexander James Earl Jones 1
He Got Game 1998 Milla Jovovich Denzel Washington 1
Hell’s Kitchen 1998 Angelina Jolie Mekhi Pfifer 13
Hitch 2005 Eva Mendes Will Smith 1
Holes 2003 Patricia Arquette Dulé Hill 18
Honey 2003 Jessica Alba Mekhi Phifer 15
House of Wax 2005 Paris Hilton Robert Ri’chard 28
How to Be a Player 1997 Amber Smith Bill Bellamy 16
Human Stain, the 2003 Nicole Kidman Anthony Hopkins Hopkins plays a light-skinned black character who passes for white/Jewish 9
Hurricane Smith 1992 Cassandra Delaney Carl Weathers 6
I’m Gonna Git You Sucka 1988 Eve Plumb Clarence Williams III 1
Instinct 1999 Maura Tierney Cuba Gooding Jr. 2
In The Mix 2005 Emmanuelle Chriqui Usher (Raymond) 1
I, Robot 2004 Bridget Moynahan Will Smith Attraction implied 1
Island in the Sun 1957 Joan Fontaine Harry Belafonte 6
Jackie Brown 1997 Bridget Fonda Samuel L. Jackson 1
Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling 1986 Barbara Williams Richard Pryor 13
Jungle Fever 1991 Annabella Sciorra Wesley Snipes 2
Just A Kiss 2002 Kyra Sedgwick Taye Diggs 19
Killing Affair, A 1977 Elizabeth Montgomery O.J. Simpson Made for TV (CBS) 6
Kin 2000 Miranda Otto Isaiah Washington 1
Life 1999 Poppy Montgomery Bokeem Woodbine 1
Long Kiss Goodnight, the 1996 Geena Davis Samuel L. Jackson Mutual attraction and flirtation, but no further development 28
Long Ships, the 1963 Rosanna Schiaffino Sidney Poitier 1
Loss of Sexual Innocence, the 1999 Hanne Klintoe Femi Ogumbanjo 1
Lost Man, the 1969 Joanna Shimkus Sidney Poitier 6
Love Actually 2003 Keira Knightley Chiwetel Ejiofor 14
Love Come Down 2000 Barbara Williams n/a 27
Love & Sex 2000 Famke Janssen Elimu Nelson 1
Love Field 1992 Michelle Pfeiffer Dennis Haysbert 1
Loving Jezebel 1999 Laurel Holloman Hill Harper aka Chasing Beauties 6
Malcolm X 1992 Kate Vernon Denzel Washington 1
Marci X 2003 Lisa Kudrow Damon Wayans 1
Mandingo 1975 Susan George Ken Norton 1
Marriage of Maria Braun, the 1979 Hanna Schygulla Greg Eagles (aka George Byrd) 1
Me, Myself & Irene 2000 Traylor Howard Tony Cox 1
Men in Black 1997 Linda Fiorentino Will Smith 1
Murder at 1600 1997 Diane Lane Wesley Snipes 2
Murder of Crows, a 1999 Ashley Laurence Cuba Gooding, Jr. 1
Nephew, the 1998 Aislín McGuckin Hill Harper 6
Never Die Young 2004 Jennifer Sky DMX 2
New Guy, the 2003 Sunny Mabrey Jerod Mixon 1
Night Vision 1997 Cynthia Rothrock Fred Williamson 6
North and South 1985 Kirstie Alley Georg Stanford Brown Made for TV (miniseries, ABC) 16
November 2004 Courteney Cox Michael Ealy 13
O 2001 Julia Stiles Mekhi Pfifer 1
Object of My Affection, the 1998 Jennifer Aniston na ? 19
On_Line 2002 Isabel Gillies Harold Perrineau, Jr. 1
Once in the Life 2000 Annabella Sciorra Eamonn Walker 20,1
One Eight Seven 1997 Kelly Rowan Samuel L. Jackson 1
One Night Stand 1997 Nastassja Kinski Wesley Snipes 1
One Potato, Two Potato 1964 Barbara Barrie Bernie Hamilton 1
Othello 1995 Irène Jacob Laurence Fishburne 1
Out of Time 2000 Mel Harris James McDaniel Made for TV (Showtime) 6
Patch of Blue, A 1965 Elizabeth Hartman Sidney Poitier 1
Pelican Brief, the 1993 Julia Roberts Denzel Washington 2
Pieces of April 2003 Katie Holmes Derek Luke 8
Primary Colors 1998 Maura Tierney Adrian Lester 6
Profoundly Normal 2003 Kirstie Alley Delroy Lindo True story, made for TV (CBS) 16
Pulp Fiction 1994 Uma Thurman Ving Rhames 5
Quiet Earth, the 1985 Alison Routledge Pete Smith 1
Rachel Getting Married 2008 Rosemarie DeWitt Tunde Adebimpe 23
Rat Pack, the 1998 Megan Dodds Don Cheadle 1
Raw Nerve 1999 Nicolette Sheridan Mario Van Peebles 1
Redbelt 2008 Alice Braga Chiwetel Ejiofor 1
Ringmaster 1998 Jaime Pressly Michael Jai White 1
Royal Tenenbaums, the 2001 Anjelica Huston Danny Glover 17
Save the Last Dance 2001 Julia Stiles Sean Patrick Thomas 3
Secret Life of Bees, the 2008 Dakota Fanning Tristan Wilds 24
Set It Off 1996 Tamara Clatterbuck Thomas Jefferson Byrd 11
Shadowboxer 2005 Helen Mirren Cuba Gooding, Jr. 1
Shaft 1971 Margaret Warncke Richard Roundtree 1,11
Shaft 2000 Elizabeth Banks Mekhi Phifer 1
Short Cuts 1993 Margery Bond Robert DoQui 1
Sisters 1973 Margot Kidder Lisle Wilson 13
Slaughter 1972 Stella Stevens Jim Brown 11
Some Kind of Hero 1982 Margot Kidder Richard Pryor Kidder plays a hooker, but they do develop a relationship that goes beyond business 13
Story of a Three-Day Pass, the 1968 Nicole Berger Harry Baird Original title: La permission 6
Storytelling 2001 Selma Blair Robert Wisdom 1
Stranger in Town, A 1995 Jean Smart Gregory Hines Made for TV (CBS) 6
Superfly 1972 Polly Niles Ron O’Neal 11
Suture 1993 Mel Harris Dennis Haysbert 26
Swirl 2003 Stephanie Denise Griffin Carl Anthony Payne II 6
Taste of Honey, a 1961 Rita Tushingham Paul Danquah 1
There’s Something About Mary 1998 Markie Post Keith David 1
Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her 2000 Holly Hunter Gregory Hines 6
Three To Tango 1999 Neve Campbell Cylk Cozart Cozart plays Campbell’s former boyfriend, now openly homosexual 19
Tic Code, the 1998 Polly Draper Gregory Hines 6
Titus 1999 Jessica Lange Harry (J.) Lennix 7
Together for Days 1972 Lois Chiles Clifton Davis 6
To Sir, With Love 1966 Judy Geeson Sidney Poitier 1
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar 1995 Blythe Danner Mike Hodge 2
Traffic 2000 Erika Christensen Vonte Sweet Junkie white girl ‘sold’ to black drug dealer 5,11
Two Family House 2000 Kelly Macdonald na Macdonald’s character has a biracial child, but the father is not shown. 1
UFO Incident, the 1975 Estelle Parsons James Earl Jones Made for TV (NBC); based on an alleged true story. aka Interrupted Journey 1
Under the Cherry Moon 1986 Kristin Scott Thomas Prince 1
Unleashed 2005 ? Morgan Freeman 1
U.S. Marshals 1998 Irène Jacob Wesley Snipes 2
Undercover Brother 2002 Denise Richards Eddie Griffin 2
Valentine’s Day 1998 Zehra Leverman Mario Van Peebles aka Protector 16
Valentine’s Day 2010 Jessica Biel Jamie Foxx 1
Vers le sud 2005 Charlotte Rampling/Karen Young Ménothy Cesar aka Heading South (US) 1
Waiting to Exhale 1995 Kelly Preston/? Michael Beach/Wesley Snipes Snipes’s character is married to a white woman, but she’s not shown; Beach’s character is having an affair with his white secretary 2
Walking Tall 2004 Barbara Tarbuck John Beasley 1
Way of the Gun, the 2000 Kristin Lehman Taye Diggs 1
Weapons of Mass Distraction 1997 Heidi Mark Tom Wright 1
White Lie 1991 Gregory Hines Annette O’Toole Made for TV (USA Network) 10
White Nights 1985 Isabella Rossellini Gregory Hines 1
Wuthering Heights 2011 Kaya Scodelario James Howson 25
XXX 2002 Asia Argento Vin Diesel 2
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